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Establishing industry expertise, raising executive visibility and building meaningful personal brands.

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Three important trends are shaping the future of  PR and marketing: 

Rapid innovation, new technologies and the pandemic have upended brand loyalty, accelerating a shift in consumer behavior. Now, people are increasingly choosing brands that share their values and worldview, meet their needs more holistically and are led by business owners who take a stand on the issues they believe in.

Consumer behaviors are shifting

Within all these changes, a trust gap is emerging. Consumers are finding that many businesses that message themselves as "purpose-driven" are delivering experiences that contradict that purpose—from hiring policies to marketing content.

A trust gap is emerging

Thought leadership offers brands a unique opportunity to demonstrate their humanity, tie purpose to business impact and showcase their values and worldview more meaningfully—all of which drives growth. Yet few businesses prioritize thought leadership. In fact, a recent Edelman-LinkedIn study found only 17% of decision-makers believed the thought leadership content they were receiving was "very good" or "excellent."




Brands need to shift their PR and marketing approach, too

Great thought leadership is born from an understanding of purpose, worldview and values.  It is driven by exceptional content. 

Each year, I help a handful of small and mid-sized businesses develop industry-defining, human-centric thought leadership strategies. 


The Impact of Purpose-Driven
Thought Leadership 

Source: 181 Top CEOs Have Realized Companies Need a Purpose Beyond Profit, Harvard Business Review

Companies who demonstrate purpose outperform the market by 5 - 7% per year. 

Source: 2021 LinkedIn-Edelman B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report

65% of buyers say thought leadership significantly changed the perception of a company, for the better, due to a piece of thought leadership.

Source: A New Measure of Trust for Consumer Industries, Deloitte

When brands demonstrate humanity, customers are nearly twice as likely to purchase from the brand over competitors. 

About Alex

Alex Honeysett is a seasoned Brand & Marketing Strategist with 15 years of experience leading communication and marketing campaigns for corporations and small businesses in media, education, finance, fintech, professional services, healthcare and more. She is also the founder of Human at the Helm, a strategy and resource hub for new business owners. 

Prior to launching her consulting business, Alex was the Director of Communications at Channel One News (acquired by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) and NASDAQ. She was also Content Lead at HD Made and PR Manager at Reuters, working out of both their New York and London offices.

Alex has helped dozens of small and mid-sized businesses identify their purpose and drive growth through tailored, human-centric marketing strategies. She has landed executives guest blogs and op-eds in leading national and trade publications including Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc and Wall Street Journal; speaking gigs at conferences around the world including SxSW, Emerging Women, CHRO Leadership Summit, and more; and media coverage in print and broadcast outlets including the Today Show, Mashable, BBC, NPR, and CNN. Her own articles have been featured in the Daily Muse, Forbes, Inc., Mashable, DailyWorth, TIME and Newsweek.

Alex is a certified CultureTalk partner and a Founding Advisor of Purposeful Communications, a strategic marketing communications firm.


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